-Septiembre 1º, 2022.
Proyecto: Gimnasio/Cancha de Basketball. 2022.

Project: Gym/Basketball Court. 2022.

-Agosto 10, 2022.
Proyecto: Casa En Montauk.

Project: House In Montauk.

-Julio 27, 2022.
Proyecto: Casa Con Terraza

Project: House with Terrace.

-Abril 27, 2022.
Proyecto: casa La Vitrina

Project: La Vitrina House.

-Abril 18, 2022.
Nuevo Proyecto: casa de campo/café-bar residencia La Internacional.

New Project: Country House/ bar-café residence.

-Enero 26, 2022.
Concepto: edificio de uso mixto residencial/comercial - Flower House.

New Concept Building: Flower House - mixed use residential/commercial.

-Agosto 26, 2021.
Nueva Escultura: "Cucharón" por BFL/OFL.

New Sculpture: "Scoop", by BFL/OFL.

-Agosto 5, 2021.
La Hoguera. Renacimiento, Monterrey.


-Junio 1º, 2021.
Masonería de Piedra en Bruto.

Rough-Cut stone Masonry.

-Abril 10, 2021.
Fuente/cascada: "Homenaje A Tlaloc", Monterrey, N.L..

Fountain/waterfall: "Homage to Tlaloc", Monterrey, N.L., MEXICO.

-Agosto 10, 2020.
Concepto para centro comunitario, San Pedro Garza García, N.L..

Concept for community center, San Pero Garza García, N.L., MEXICO.

-Marzo 8, 2020.
Concepto para pabellón variable (interior/exterior) desmontable.

Concept for variable movable pavilion (interior/eterior).

-Enero 4, 2020.
Concepto para ampliación de conjunto comercial en San Pedro Garza García, NL. 

Concept for shopping center extension/remodel in San Pedro Garza García, NL.

-Noviembre 15, 2019.
Propuesta para caseta de vigilancia en Colonia Sierra Alta. 

New guard house for Sierra Alta residential development.

-Octubre 24, 2019.
Nueva imagen para restaurantes sushi express. 

New look for sushi express restaurants.

-Octubre 18, 2018.
Estamos desarrollando un proyecto para la terminal principal de mantenimiento y servicio de aeronaves para TB MRO en el aeropuerto de Saltillo, Coahuila. 

We're developing a project for the main building for airplane maintenance and service for TB MRO to be located at the Saltillo International Airport.

-July 6, 2018.
Trabajando para Tec Blue Maintenance en remodelaciones interiores para aviones de aerolíneas. Iniciamos programa de prueba en avión Boeing 737-300.

Working for Tec Blue Maintenance remodeling airliner interiors. We started a test program on a Boeing 737-300.

-June 17, 2018.
Desarrollando proyectos nuevos...

-June 10, 2018.
Estamos trabajando en un complejo-torre nueva de uso mixto hotel/departamentos.

We're working on a new mixed use hotel/apartment complex.

-May 12, 2018.
Estamos desarrollando un proyecto inspirado en los modernistas Mexicanos de los años 1950's y 60's.

We're developing a project inspired by the Mexican modernists from the 1950's and 60's.

-March 4, 2018.
Monumento que estamos desarrollando: Stupa 2018.

Monument we're working on at the moment: Stupa 2018.

-Jan 31st, 2018.
One project we have been working on since the summer of 2017 is a single family residence to be located in the mountains of northeastern Mexico. It's a large house that is being designed specifically for comfort of the future inhabitants. The plan starts on the top floor which serves as a main living and guest floor including driveways, car garage, terraces and meeting plazas around the main building with the sleeping and private quarters in the lower floor (the lot slopes downwards about 5 meters). 

The final design phase has begun and we hope to have a complete architectural project by the spring.

-September 3, 2017.
Working on the architectural concept for a large single family house. The prompt includes using a series of connected volumes to conform to the need for intricate interior light-filled spaces (with enclosed green areas) and a pool with clubhouse.

We will have more on this project as it evolves and nears the final stage.

-May 31st, 2017.
We are in the process of designing a prefabricated module for skinning a building made with sheet metal and insulation to provide shade and help with the building's carbon footprint. So far it's a working concept that we expect to have finished by the end of summer so there may be a few tweaks and changes in the final product which could be used for medium to high-rise buildings and residential projects that could benefit from such a building material.

-March 30, 2017.
From our travels through Los Angeles comes this design concept for a small house to replace an old wooden hut on a lot facing northwest in Laurel Canyon. The plan called for a one bedroom and amenities (fire pit, full kitchen, bar, living, bathroom, walk-in closet) with a terraced view of the valley. We were encouraged to get inspiration from maritime architecture, specifically yachts and cruising boats.  

There is a garage on the street above and the client (who lives on the property adjacent to this lot) plans to integrate this new structure to use as a guest house.

-February 28, 2017.
We have begun design and planning for another sushi express location in Monterrey, it will be located in a shopping center within new residential developments on the east side.

-September 25, 2016.
We're collaborating with Digital Cortex in management strategies for their digital projects branch '' in San Antonio, TX. They approached us in early September 2016 for management methods for expansion and project development/deployment (integration of resources).

-August 9, 2016.
On an exploratory market research trip through southern California (San Diego, Los Angles) for a restaurant developing group. The purpose of the trip is to map and assess probable locations and a viable investment timeline for their restaurants.

-May 8, 2016.
In the concept developing stage for a pool/guest house in the Santiago area of Monterrey. The client's prompt was interesting: create a living space with full kitchen that had views towards the mountains in the southwest of the property but protected from the road running by the property line which lies 3 meters from the new structure, inspired by astronomical symbols; there should be enough room for 4 people inside but also have an outside space/gathering point/lounge/pool-house/rest area near the main property which is a converted stone wall barn.


We're creating a brand new image for the sushi express group for their "type A" sushi restaurants: the new look will have bolder colors and a new feel, a bit more modern and dynamic for the newer generation of type-restaurant they are planning to introduce in 2016.

-November 5, 2015.
Assisting Di Frabo Group in a series of strategies for their headquarters (branding, media outreach, consolidation, corporate manuals, growth and LT development), also with concepts for marketing and branching.

-May 29, 2015.
Di Frabo Ristorante has been completed and is scheduled to open to the public within the next two weeks. Project came within budget at finish out. This was TAM's first U.S. project and we're very happy with the experience.

pre-opening interior staging.

construction reference model.

finished interior (operational).

-October 26, 2014.
Di Frabo Ristorante Italiano: we have a tentative opening date, everything according to plan, the restaurant will open by the first week of August 2015.   We are on schedule to start construction in November.

*UPDATE June 16 2015: project finished and operating.

-September 24, 2014.

We've been hired to design the offices of, a tech company that created an organisation and management application for large events.

-July 27 2014.
We began working in collaboration with DHR Architects on the new restaurant for Di Frabo Group in San Antonio, Texas.

Here is the team, from left:
Gabriel Durand-Hollis, Arturo Nájera, Marcelino García, Amy Schutz and Sara O'Rourke.

*UPDATE June 15, 2014: we found our local partner, Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects.

-October 28, 2013.

We're developing a new restaurant concept for the city of San Antonio, Texas. It will become the model for a franchise and is based on an older project we created in 2003 in Monterrey.

We are looking for local partners to collaborate with on this project for the specification and construction phase, architects/firms that are interested should contact me at: oscar(at); get in touch, we'll make great things happen. 

-June 28, 2013. New Houses.
Two new home projects: Weg House and TCR House, both in the city of Monterrey. 

Single family home (work in progress), we have been tweaking the project to design different "looks" for the architectural program. 

Below is an early study.

A fluid shell that lets in natural light and the surrounding landscape.

More Information.

-March 31, 2013. Art Pavilion.
We have been in talks since late july of last year to design and build a private art gallery in Monterrey, to display a collection of paintings, sculptures and art objects. Our initial concept is to create a platform with a pavilion of sinuous, sensual lines, straight thick walls in marble,  ashlar stone, granite, steel and glass, and a reflecting pool for a sculpture from the collection.

This project is still in the 'design and planning' stage,it would be built on the client's property where a large side garden meets the boundary wall (property limit), approximately 400 square meters. Below is a sketch of the establishing concept:

-Nov 6, 2012.
Our rainforest eco-resort is well on its way to completion, a few more things to sort out on the bungalows and reception fronts, and it will be ready for guests. Although the riverside camping area, pool, bathrooms, island deck, observatory balcony and the mountain paths have been open to the public since last year, the hotel and bungalows on the mountain side are still under construction to be finished very soon. 

Path from the front desk to the bridge that crosses to the river-side area.

-Jun 13, 2012. 
The Argentine food shack we were developing is now finished, open to the public, and the franchise has an official name: más empanadas.

-Feb 20, 2012.
We have been hired to design and create a model franchise for a new restaurant that will serve Argentinian food. (take-out and home delivery at first, then plans are to expand to serving in-store.)

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