New Houses

Two new single family home projects in the city of Monterrey.

TCR House: this is a still "in progress", as we are developing parallel ideas for the architectural program, different design esthetics for the building; the floor plan would include 3 bedrooms with bathroom and walk-in closets, a home theater, a family room, a home office, wine cellar, bar, a fully equipped professional kitchen, an outdoor kitchen, and a 2 car garage.

early concept.

Weg House: final approved version of this house which was designed as a fluid form. A concrete shell with an open feel is proposed as a way to integrate with the mountainous landscape surrounding the lot, letting nature enter the domain while protecting it from the afternoon sun, taking advantage of natural light.



ENG: art gallery for private collection, Monterrey, MX. (see news)

ESP: Galería/pabellón para collección de arte privada. Monterrey, MX. (ver noticias)

Listón Rojo.

Listón Rojo es una idea basada en el concepto de ligereza y aprovechamiento de la luz natural. El elemento modular (la envoltura roja) puede re-configurarse juntando dos o más estructuras para hacer interesantes combinaciones de uso: aquí vemos uno conectado a una base que agrega una cochera para tres autos, una cocina y baño completo, generando una casa de huespedes.


Red Ribbon is an idea based on the concept of lightness and the use of natural light. The modular element (red envelope) can be reconfigured by joining two or more structures to make interesting combinations: you see it here connected to a  base that adds a three car garage, a kitchen and full bath, turning it into a guest house.

Feb 4 Building.

This is a work in progress: a preliminary design for new workspace with a little more room and an open plan and split level, to inspire collaboration and creativity. 
We would include an outdoor area for those moments when you need to commune with nature and the elements. 
Updates soon.

Food Shack.

We have been hired to design and create a model franchise for a new restaurant that will serve Argentinian food. Our concept blends contemporary and rustic design elements, like fire-treated wood, tinted glass, stone walls and metal roofing. 



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