Elevated House.

Designing for a modular and/or DIY construction project may have mixed expectations, nevertheless we still try to address the issue from time to time. The model presented here is a 13.8 by 6.4 meter single family home or live/work environment that could easily be a long term dwelling for a working professional or newlyweds, as well as a vacation home or retreat; we've placed the construction on top of two concrete pillars in order to achieve a minimal footprint and since it's modular, the building can rest on lower foundation or stilts just above grade. The example presented here is a solution in which by elevating the frame we get a nice covered area that can be used as a garage or a terrace, or it can be enclosed to make for more interior living areas. 
As a study model we expect there will be some changes and adjustments in order to get the economy of it into a range that fits into most budgets. More to come soon.


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